Bitcoinsab is a system created and run by Bitcoinsab Network to promote their advertising and bitcoin services.
Bitcoinsab Network is an online organization including different types of workers as bitcoin traders, miners and IT programmers living around the world. In the future, The Network may found some offices in some countries for offline purposes.
Bitcoinsab Network offers different kinds of services but focuses on advertising and bitcoin trading ones which can be viewed on this website.
Bitcoinsab Network offers the advertising banner service for whom would like to promote their business with sizes in pixels of 125x125, 468x60 and 728x90.
You can get advertising packs in 2 ways:
- Register as a free member and buy advertising credits.
- Register and upgrade your membership to get monthly advertising credit amount.
It is 1USD per advertising credit.
Please place a reasonable rate for a click to get your banners appear more than others'. The higher the rate of clicking is, the more and earlier the advertising campaign works.
Currently, we only accept bitcoin payment. We may be working for more payment options in the future.
If you are an upgraded member and you have some Trading Credits, you can join our Trading Pool with the Network to get profit by completing the tasks every day.
Trading Credits are understood as trading shares in our network. One Trading Credit costs 1USD.
The Trading Credit amount is active in 100 days since the date they are purchased.
You need to have your account upgraded and complete the advertising assignments for your account
Please check the ticket on the top right side of your backoffice, once you complete the tasks correctly, it will become green, which means your account is qualified for the day.
It means the tasks which you need to complete to get your account qualified. Currently, the system requires a member to create at least one advertising paragraph and post it onto the Internet then submit the link where it shows your promotion content.
Unfortunately, no-one knows the exact amount he or she can earn per day. It all depends on the whole activities and result of the Network.
Free Credits mean the bonus credits a member gets from the Network when registering and/or upgrade his membership for the first time. The Free Credit is active in 30 days and automatically becomes Trading Credits after 30 days if the member does his assignment regularly. The Free Credits are not changed during the days you complete the advertising tasks.
It will not turn into Trading Credits until you have at least 30 qualified days.
Absolutely never. Please read the term carefully to learn more.
Yes, but the members need to contact the system for the situation in advance to keep the accounts safe from spam policy. Click the Contact us to send a message with the subject The same IP address.
The Network runs a Forced Matrix 2x17 for all members on this site. A forced matrix means you may have downline for your matrix by being auto-filled from the System without sponsoring anyone. However, the more direct and downline affiliates you have, the more profit you can earn monthly.
Absolutely, you can not do it under any circumstance.
Please click the button Forgot Password and do as guided.
Please make sure your email is always in safety and if you need to change any information of your account, you need to send a Security Token key from Our System to your email. In case your account is stolen by someone, please notify us as soon as you can so that we can help protect your rights.
There are 2: Deposit Wallet and Payout Wallet.
Once you send us the exact amount of bitcoin for the deposit fund, and after at least 2 confirmations from Bitcoin Network, you will see it in your Deposit Wallet. Please be patient and check the transaction's confirmations before contacting us for any delay.
The System does the Payout once a day, you will receive the amount of your $btc as soon as they complete the schedule. The rate of bitcoin is calculated at the time they do the transaction.
We charge 1% for every deposit and $5 for every withdrawal.
The minimum amount for deposit is configured at $10.
Not at all. When you are a member of the system, you can earn by yourself and you can have downline for your matrix automatically thanks to the forced matrix. But the more downline you have, the more money you make.